Who is it for

Security managers of large systems and companies

In today’s world of growing security threats and clear need to protect assets and employees of companies, security managers often act as the last line of defense. The growing challenges and increasingly sophisticated attacks create a need for constant learning about new technologies and methods of protection. For the end users of equipment and security systems as well as key industry participants, Adria Security Summit represents a highly valuable library of knowledge on innovation in the security market and future security trends. The conference will bring together security managers from all vertical markets: critical infrastructure, transportation and traffi c sectors, healthcare, financial sector, education, retail, service sector and public administration.

Buyers and decision makers

We expect to see a large number of company owners and key decision makers from small and medium enterprises who act as planners of development of security and protection of corporate assets and employees, as well as representatives of government security agencies and local and regional administrative authorities. Thematic diversity, long-term experience and knowledge offered by renowned speakers and participants from around the world and the region, as well as ample exhibition premises represent an opportunity for decision makers to incorporate the conclusions and recommendations presented at the Adria Security Summit into their plans.

Installers and system integrators

Successful sales directly depend on the well-performed installation and system integration. In fact, installation is something which safety of life and property ultimately depends on. The Summit will host a number of professional and licensed installers that will have the opportunity to exchange practical experiences, discuss problems and solutions during the installation of security systems, interoperability in various industrial segments, impact of standards etc.

Visitors by Position in Company  
Sales Managers 30%
CEO / Board Members 23%
Others (Installers, Customer Service, Technicians) 13%
Security Managers 9%
Engineers 8%
Marketing Managers 6%
R&D Managers 5%
IT 4%
Consultants 2%
Type of Business  
End Users 24%
Manufacturers 18%
System Integrators 18%
Distributors 10%
Installers 16%
Service Providers 9%
Consultants 5%

Consultants and planners

Sonsulting on security systems is a process that consists of a series of progressive steps starting with an assessment of security risks. Risk analysis identifi es the requirements of the project and conceptual design of the security system. The success of the project security system depends on its detailed concept and design, preparation of project specifi cations and the defi ned budget. Renowned lecturers at the Adria Security Summit will focus precisely on the importance of risk assessment, professional installation design and adequate selection of equipment.


Retail chain cannot function without its primary,indispensable component – manufacturers of security equipment. During the Summit events, exhibition premises will be used to host a number of globally signifi cant companies which will present their products in detail and offer a key element of any successful business – information. Production segments which will be represented at the Summit are: video surveillance, access control, intrusion, fi re safety, mechanical protection and data security.

Dealers and distributors

Adria Security Summit will be attended by leading regional distributors and authorized dealers. By establishing direct contact with manufacturers and purchasing their products, distributors act as an indispensable link with installer and integrator companies and end users. The range of services offered by distribution companies is broad and it includes giving product information, carrying out assessments and providing technical support and after-sales services. The Summit is an opportunity for you to directly establish business cooperation with major distributors in the region in terms of procurement of equipment and support for your business.