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Successful response to Covid-19: The case of Serbia

Serbia is a regional leader in managing pandemics and has one of the highest immunization rates in the world. These are the reasons why it can offer much-needed epidemiological safety for all the guests and participants who attend business events. Furthermore, Belgrade is a city that has more than 45% already vaccinated people enabling relaxations of COVID-19 restrictions. The mortality rate is also much lower comparing to other countries in the world.
As part of the Berlin Process on the topic of ‘safe travel during pandemic’ the Minister of Health, Mr. Lončar used the opportunity to present the ‘green certificate’, the first of its kind in the region. On that occasion, EU Commissioner for Enlargement Oliver Verhelj praised Serbia for how our country is fighting against the coronavirus, especially for the policy of aid and donations of vaccines to the countries and citizens of the region. Additionally, the statements by WHO officials recognize Serbia’s successful efforts in the prevention of COVID-19 spread.