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Info for Exhibitors

Dear Adria Security Summit 2021 Exhibitors,

First and foremost, we greet your decision to exhibit at Adria Security Summit powered by Intersec 2021. Herewith, we deliver you general guidelines on how to make your time as productive as possible.

Connect2B is a professional network deployed by a&s Adria     team being online already for almost a complete year. The main     purpose is to make possible for its registered participants to     connect with each other but also to directly promote products and     services as well as organize webinars. At Adria Security Summit,     Connect2B will be used to schedule your meetings in advance.     Meetings can be done on-site at B2B Corner or online, depending on     the participants’ preferences and availability.
Quick links for your easier navigation through the platform:
Instructions on B2B networking can be found here. Also please review the details within B2B – B2B Networking menu or simply click here.
All exhibitors can be searched and filtered here.
All participants can be searched and filtered here.
You can always see and download your meeting agenda via Conference –     Agenda – upper right corner icon or by simply clicking here.
Complete promotion of products and services can be seen here.     We suggest that you update your Marketplace ads as well.

Important notice: Upon registration at Connect2B, you will     receive an e-badge via confirmation email. The e-badge can also be     found for subsequent download via Conference – Agenda – upper right     corner icon or by simply clicking here.

B2B Team
B2B Team is there for you to assist with all types of meetings,     scheduled via Connect2B as well as those to be scheduled during the     summit via Connect2B or in person. You will be assigned with a     designated colleague who will be available to you for not only B2B     related activities but any other request or assistance you might     have or need. Further, the colleague will be your primary PoC for     all later communication and news from our side during the summit.     This organization of activities will ensure that you have an     immediate contact and as quick as possible feedback almost at any     point of time.

    Important notice: B2B team will be available to assist you     with booths setups on Tuesday, October 12, from 14:00 until 18:00.

For any type of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at We will respond promptly.

Once again, welcome to Adria Security Summit powered by Intersec 2021!

Yours truly,
Networking Team