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How do you make your startup noticed in 24…hours? A tale of win-wins from Zagreb

How do you get a startup noticed among the myriad competitors that vie for attention across increasingly crowded markets?

A valid question…to which we respond with the second one: how about partnering with a venerable format such as a trade show event, but in a wholly new way, as expected of a startup?

Three companies from SE Europe – Robotiq, Zuluhood, and Glog have recently discovered that joining forces with a well-established trade event such as Adria Security Summit is a shortcut to getting oneself noticed, growing a partnership network, and getting a glimpse of competitors.

Yes, all under a single roof.

Adria Security Summit, the largest conference, and exhibition dedicated to security and converging industries in SE Europe, recently premiered the official award-laden presentation of the trailblazing startups as part of its latest event in Zagreb (October 5-6 2022).

As part of the program, the most successful startups were handed out three awards for their achievements in this business segment.

The first award went to Robotiq – an AI-first startup that wears its “No BS” badge with pride. It offers to free you from time-consuming and repetitive administrative tasks that are now handled by its software automation tech. By automating your business, you not only phase out the mind-numbing tasks that nobody wants to do in the 21st century, but also bring your costs down, and remove the burden from your precious human and IT resources, all with a promise of 6-12 months for a proper ROI.

Zuluhood, the second-ranked beneficiary of the best-presented startup award, earned its chops for understanding that an omnipresent app format is an ideal umbrella to put all of your home security systems under it. Now, smart home monitoring, family alerts, neighborly response, and professional assistance are literally all under your fingertips.

To round off this trio of tech whiz-kid companies we give you Glog – a startup in which the power of AI is harnessed as an every-watchful eye that remedies all security vulnerabilities in your source code, stamps out false flag positives, and acts as a triage tent between your products and the public that is being presented.

So, just as no startup promoted under the wing of the Summit is a flash in the pan, the same goes for our startup promotion program – the preparations for its second iteration are already underway for the eighth edition of the Adria Security Summit. Stay tuned and learn how we can multiply the value of a trade show format for startups that deserve your attention and our help to get a loud enough voice.