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This year, at the Adria Security Summit, G4S will help you understand the “True Cost of Cheap” and make you think about “How Much You Would Pay for Your Money”.

Join our side events on October 13 th ! We’re bringing in the World’s finest (security) experts. And local too.

The ever-growing expansion in the construction sector has enabled the use of the latest technologies in all professions, including the field of electronic security systems. In practice, we find many good examples of assessing and mitigating the risks that exist, but we are also witnessing “making savings” in the wrong way. We will talk about way of choosing the adequate equipment, the use of technical solutions in strategic infrastructure projects, but also about the concept of smart cities and supporting infrastructure and the need for its availability at all times.

And what is happening with the safe handling of your money?

Cash processing services are the riskiest jobs performed by private companies in the security industry. Apparently, everything seems to be fine until the attack happens. And what happens then?Did my money transport service provider have insurance? What happens if my service provider cannot activate his policy because he did not comply with the conditions prescribed by the insurance policy?

With the evolution of the security industry, there is a (r)evolution in the way business continuity is ensured. The choice is yours. And the solutions are with us.