Friends of the project

Institute for Corporate Security Studies (ICS)

TICS is a Slovenian association dealing with corporate security at scientific and practical level. ICS’s mission is reflected in the development and dissemination of new knowledge and experiences and promotion of interests in the field of corporate security, while its strategic objectives are aimed at promoting the development of comprehensive security systems in a corporate environment, which directly affects corporate risk management and development of economic and national security. The ICS is also a home to the Center for Information Security (CIS) and it issues its own professional magazine “Corporate Security”.

The Association for corporate security, “Manager of Corporate Security” Skopje

The Association for corporate security, rule of law and human rights “Manager of Corporate Security” Skopje is a non-partisan, non-profit, apolitical and non-governmental association of citizens. Its activities consists of : research, analysis, mapping and monitoring of the organization and functioning of corporate security in the country, including the implementation of the rule of law principle and protection of human rights in this area. The results from its own research projects and activities are transparent and in continuity presented to the wider public. The Association publishes a scientific and professional journal “Corporate security, human rights, democracy”.

Association of Private Security within Serbian Chamber of Commerce

Association of Private Security operates within Serbian Chamber of Commerce. Its activities cover areas such as private security, security system services, investigative activities and private investigator services. The association represents the common interest of all stakeholders in the field of private security and private investigators in Serbia and beyond, and it participates in the doctrinal and normative regulation of these activities as well as initiates adoption, amending and harmonization of regulations and promotes the industry. The association consists of four groups: physical and technical security, self-protection and detective activities.