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Three questions for Comnet

ComNet’s solutions are used globally by many industries. Can you share with us most important details about the company, and particulary about its regional network?

ComNet is a manufacturer of high quality transmission devices, whose reference market is Security. However, the application fields of our products can be extended to any markets where data transmission plays an important role. Great opportunities can be found today in any industrial sector and, generally speaking, as a support to control and monitor of digital information of different sorts.

From a commercial perspective, ComNet enjoys strong partnerships in the market. Sales are strongly oriented towards the supply of high technical content. Therefore, ComNet takes a customer oriented approach within the transmission market. The current setup is strong and the targets for the next few months are to consolidate it and then start intensifying our market positions with a view to strengthening our leadership.

Adria Security Summit visitors will have the opportunity to talk and have a meetings with ComNet`s representatives on company booth. What are the main products/services you will present at the Summit in Skopje? How can our visitors organize meetings with ComNet representatives before the Summit starts?

ComNet is a dynamic company, supported by a 20-year-long experience in engineering. This guarantees high reactivity when manufacturing customized products and at the same time great reliability thanks to our technical expertise.

We can state that ComNet did anything possible in the analogical sector. Today, we feature the most complete portfolio of products worldwide for the area of combined analogical signal transmission, including over 120 products.

Another core product in ComNet range is CopperLine, a leading product in the sector of digital convergence, allowing transmission of IP signals on “obsolescent” cables.

Concerning the new frontiers of development, in addition to constant research in wireless transmission and Remote Power Systems, I would say that the most important applications are our IP connectivity products. We start with products conceived for perimeter managed networks, which are preset and therefore almost plug&play to parallel the simplicity of installation that is typical of analogical products.

In Adria Security Sumnmit we will present all our new Made in Usa Industrial managed Layer2+ switches with the exclusive Cyber Security Features named “Port Guardian”.

In Skopje, we will also have the opportunity to show our customers the integration with the Security products of our sister Company Vanderbilt.

To arrange a meeting with our representatives, the visitors can send an email to and to

Adriatic region`s security industry has a constant market growth. What is the importance of the Summit for regional industry, its market and its efforts toward further development

The security market is experiencing an epoch of big change. The conditions of instability created new needs in a context characterized by increasing uncertainty, both in real terms and in perceived terms.

These aspects caused companies to look for optimized cost/benefit balance and new operators to emerge in a market historically consolidated.

On the other hand, what is changing greatly in this market is what is nowaday called digital convergence, that is, technologically speaking, a shift towards signals, devices and systems based on TCP/IP and, under an operational and commercial viewpoint, towards providers capable of managing both the typical security skills and the network skills alike.

We are sponsor of the summit practically from the first editions. We believe that this event is the reference for the Balkan area and represents a high-level meeting point for professionals people in the sector that can find high quality products and share skills and experiences to reach the best solution for the growing security needs of the present time.