Registration for the media

Request a press pass

If you want us to consider your application for a press pass, you need to provide the following information, along with supporting documentation specified in the Registration requirements

  1. Name
  2. Name of the media
  3. Name of publication
  4. Address
  5. E-mail
  6. Phone Number

We cannot guarantee approval of registration for those who fail to provide complete documentation on time.
Please send your requests and documentation to: Adis Hodzic,

Note: Adria Security Summit will not issue passes for authors who write for non-media websites, personal blogs, e-newsletters, membership newsletters, nor to part-time authors who are not contractually related to the publisher, sales, marketing or PR departments or technical support departments within companies, or any other professionals who do not hold a permanent job as members of an editorial staff. Making audio or video recordings is strictly prohibited without the authorization of the Adria Security Summit. Previous successfully completed registrations for prior events organized by the publishing house Global Security do not represent a guarantee of approval or compliance with the registration requirements. After you submit the required documentation, the organizing committee of the Adria Security Summit will e-mail you an approval or rejection of application. Please bear in mind that completion of the application is not a guarantee that it will be subsequently approved. Press passes are issued only for the purpose of reporting. Adria Security Summit reserves the right to reject or approve the registration at any time. Passes for media will not be granted to those who, in the opinion of the organizers, have different intentions from those of active journalists. During the Summit, representatives of the registered media may not engage in any activity related to sales. The organizer of the event may share information related to the registered media with exhibitors, sponsors or presenters at the conference.

Registration requirements

The requested documentation needs to be submitted in full if your application is to be taken into consideration. After it is approved or rejected, all applicants will receive a confirmation e-mail on its status. For those who do not receive confirmation, please contact mr. Adis Hodzić at

Trade, business or user-focused publications

Please submit the following:

1 Business card with the name of publication by a recognized media outlet
2 Publication’s masthead section with the description of the registered journalist’s current position
3 Two signed articles published in the past six months

Freelance authors, reporters

Please submit the following:

1 Original letter with the description of a professional assignment, including its duration and a copy of the contract involving the editor in chief of the media organization
2 Two signed articles published in the past six months
3 Persons who are currently not under contract are not eligible for the press pass


Authors or analysts from internationally recognized market research companies or financial institutions which publish reports on regular basis should submit the following:

1 Business card with the name of the media outlet or company which provides analytical reports
2 A signed copy of the draft, summary or report dealing with marketing, promotional or interactive topics based on statistical data, which was published in the past six months (printed copy or active online link)

Foreign journalists

In the context of the Adria Security Summit, foreign journalists are those whose original works are not in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian/Macedonian/Slovenian/Montenegrin language.
Please submit the following:
1 Original and official letter describing a professional assignment in the aforementioned languages, which includes the planned duration of the activities
2 Business card with the name of the media outlet
3 Active website with the translation, if possible
4 Two copies of signed articles published in the past six months

Photographers and cameramen

Photographers and/or cameramen need to submit a planned shooting schedule in advance. All members of camera crews and photographers must at all times be escorted by members of the organizing committee of the Adria Security Summit.

Required documents (it is necessary to submit at least three of the following four items):
1 Business card with the full name, name of business entity and the position or status within it
2 Identification card of the broadcasting organization with the full name and position of a journalist
3 Part-time photographers/cameramen: Original and official letter describing the assigned task (including its duration) by the supervisor who can confirm the assignment and his/her contact information
4 Two video or audio clips aired in the past six months or two active online links with credited photographs