Partners of the project

Messe frankfurt

Messe Frankfurt is the Europe’s largest trade fair, congress and event organiser with its own exhibition grounds. The Group employs more than 2,500 people at around 30 locations around the globe. From automotive to logistics, from textiles to homes, from energy efficiency to security – Messe Frankfurt’s programme of trade fairs, congresses and other events is extremely comprehensive. Messe Frankfurt organised more than 400 trade fairs, congresses and other events. Intersec is the Messe Frankfurt’s leading international meeting platform for the security & safety industry.

Croatian Security Association (HCZ)

Croatian Security Association has operated in Croatia for more than twenty years as the professional association whose primary objective is bringing together and coordinating activities and professional interests of security-related companies and individuals. The Association promotes, represents, and protects common interest of its members before the government and other authorities in the country and abroad. In this context, it organizes seminars, presentations and conferences as well as provides recommendations for the security industry. The Association also conducts researches into private security market in Croatia on annual basis, which serve to identify all problems faced by the market and offer solutions. The Association gathers companies in the field of physical security, banking and cash-in-transit security, designers, internal security services and private detectives.

Chamber for the Development of Slovenian Private Security

The largest association for the development of private security in Slovenia brings together all legal persons in the private security industry and the sector involving protection of persons and property. The association was awarded the status of the chamber in 2011 as it represents the interests of all professional associations in the field of private security in Slovenia and, at the same time, acts as a public administrative authority that makes proposals for the drafting of the content of professional standards, determines national vocational qualifications, prepares training programs and vocational training, proposes the content of standards in the private security sector and licenses, etc. The Chamber has also been involved with provision of technical assistance for licensing, representing the interests of its members before state authorities, organization of seminars and conferences and conducting researches into the state of the private security market in Slovenia.

Chamber of Republic of Macedonia for Private Security

This umbrella Macedonian institution in charge of private security in the country was established in 2000. The main objectives of the Chamber are protection, promotion and advancement of expertise, professionalism and general activities for the benefit of this profession. The Chamber is authorized to carry out licensing and training of persons and legal entities working in the field of private security, and issue permits to engage in this activity as well as check the work of armed personnel at least on annual basis. The Chamber provides assistance to all legal entities in the sector and represents their interests, but it also advocates for the companies in the private security business to channel their needs through its activities. It is active throughout the Republic of Macedonia in order to ensure that the protection of people and property has been really successful.

Serbian Association of Corporate Security Managers (SAMKB)

The association of corporate security managers in the Republic of Serbia was established as an non-profit, expert and non-partisan organization of professionals whose main business activity involves industrial and corporate security and safety risk management. SAMKB was founded in Belgrade in 2011 and it brings together experts from all areas of corporate security in order to improve, develop and popularize this profession, as well as strengthen professional and corporate standards. One of the goals of the Association is the integration of Serbian science and practice in the field of security into the European and global trends. It deals with strategic issues related to security and development of security culture through educational programs, seminars and expert lectures.

Romanian Association For Security Technique

Founded in 2003, A.R.T.S. is a professional, non-governmental, non-political and non-profit association, which brings together security companies. It assures the connection between its members, public authorities, other associations and stakeholders. Its mission is to influence the positive growth of the security market. A.R.T.S. advocates and promotes the proposals for updating the legislation in the field of physical security, it is licensed as a professional trainer and organizes Romanian Security Fair. Through its members, A.R.T.S. is a guarantor of free and fair competition. A.R.T.S. has an active presence on security technique domain and invites everyone interested to develop this field of activity to join and mutually define the target: Art of living safely!