Key speakers

Baldovino Ruggieri

Company: Inim Electronics

Position: Shareholder and Managing Director

Lecture title: New Technologies in Safety and Security Systems as Key Success Factors

Until a short time ago, anti-intrusion systems were completely disconnected from the outside world due to the fact that they lacked Internet access. Today, systems offer various forms of remote access thanks to modern, simple interfaces. The real challenge is to innovate and use new technologies whilst still maintaining a high-level of security. This is why professional security products make use of modern data encryption techniques and integrate cutting-edge solutions to identify tamper and violation. Such measures make communication channels reliable and safe, both between the local system and peripheral devices and the system and the Internet. Thanks to the cloud, the systems are interconnected in a large IoT network that stores data and sends notifications in real time, making things easy for both users and installers. The analysis of big data collected by the cloud, will allow us to create behavioral models increasingly closer to reality, while the AI will open new scenarios of technological development and new forms of business.


Baldovino Ruggieri has graduated with honors in electronic engineering from the University of Ancona (today UNIVPM). He began his career as an Electronic Designer in what was then a small company in the security sector. He dealt with the design and development of hardware and software. He also wrote what was to be the first PC software for intrusion control panels in Italy.
Throughout the years he contributed to the growth of the company that became a leader in the Italian market. In the beginning, he played an active role in the introduction of new technologies, then proceeded to design discontinuous-technology products using cutting-edge technology. Later, he offered his contribution to the overall management of projects and the technical department. The entry of the company into a large multinational group saw him involved initially in positions of project management for the European market followed by being appointed marketing manager with the mission to conceptualize and plan for the development of products and markets. In 2005, together with other colleagues, he decided to use his expertise and passion for the security sector to face a new challenge: INIM. It is a challenge that exists even today in an attempt, often a successful one, to stay ahead of time and be innovative in imagining a new way of providing security.

Myler Zhong

Company: Hikvision

Position: General Manager, Business Unit – Adriatic Sea, Hikvision


Myler Zhong majored in both computer science and law and entered the security industry in 2009 as a product manager for overseas markets in one of largest CCTV manufacturers in China. He joined Hikvision Europe B.V. in 2011 and served as a project manager for the SE Europe. Zhong was in charge of analyzing local markets while trying to strike a balance between the latest technologies and the situation in the field. He also helped the sales and key account teams deliver competitive solutions for their projects in both technical and commercial segments. He followed Hikvision’s fast growth which propelled it to become a global No. 1 video surveillance manufacturer. In early 2018, he was appointed general manager of the Adriatic region business unit whose sales, marketing, technical, R&D and other teams cover 9 countries. Today, he heads the team whose task is to tackle a new challenge – delivering added value to the regional market.

Israel Gogol

Company: Messe Frankfurt New Era

Position: Manager, International department, Messe Frankfurt New Era

Lecture title: Technology and Business Model Trends in Security Industry 2017/2018

The presentation will cover global trends in the security industry in 2017-2018 from technological and business model angles. It will focus on major changes in the industry landscape and interesting players that are strengthening their presence in the security industry.


Israel Gogol manages the international department at Messe Frankfurt New Era in Taiwan. He is in charge of helping international companies get access to one of the company’s four security trade shows in Asia (Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and India) and reach out to their clients through dedicated websites and trade magazines. Previously he was a member of the editorial teams of a&s International and a&s Asia magazines which are reporting about new technologies in the security field mainly: electronic surveillance, access control, intelligent video analytics, IoT and other.

Slavko Pandurov


Position: Regional Sales Manager, Balkans & Middle Europe

Lecture title: Demand for AI and Video Analytics in an Increasingly Connected World

Slavko Pandurov will discuss AI and analytic algorithms which are revolutionizing the way video surveillance systems are being used. He will address the enterprise-level technology that’s allowing for efficient interoperability not only on hardware, but also within video management software platforms. This will allow attendees to learn more about the global factors and trends that are influencing further development of the security industry, especially with the enterprise-scale systems, enterprise customers and their project needs.


Slavko Pandurov has been actively involved in developing the regional security industry since 2005, first as a key account manager and later on as a director of sales and business operations with several distributor companies. Slavko joined Avigilon in early 2017 as a RSM for the Balkans and Central Europe. In addition to working on innovative solutions in the domain of advanced VMS capabilities, AI and video analytics, as well as on the end-to-end solution portfolio Avigilon is well-known for, Slavko Pandurov has been involved in the development of professional support system for partners and the strengthening of the demand for innovative video surveillance projects in the region.

Sebastian Seibt

Company: Bosch Security Systems

Position: Business Developer Manager

Lecture title: The evolution of buildings from an easy and standard venue into a multipurpose and completely connected and integrated building

Will the latest trends in the safety and security world have an impact on a newly built or refurbished venue? Join us on the journey in which we will follow an example of a football stadium over the couple of decades and observe the impact of our general expectations on an operator.


Sebastian Seibt graduated with Master of Business Administration and joined Bosch in 2003. During his early years, he defined and established a comprehensive marketing strategy for the pharmaceutical industry products. Later, he took over the sales in Germany. In 2014, Sebastian moved to the UK. Back there, he defined and implemented the marketing strategy for Bosch´s communication products in the UK in order to ensure that the products are successfully launched and marketed throughout their entire lifecycle and that they drive growth in the market. Since 2016 Sebastian has been in charge of business development for verticals such as entertainment (stadiums), healthcare and office buildings in Europe, Middle East and Africa. He has worked with all types of business units and products.
Sebastian Seibt is a regular speaker at security related events for the fields of smart stadiums and buildings in general.

Andrzej Jarzyna

Company: Dahua Technology

Position: Sales and Operations Director CEE & Nordic

Lecture title: Smart City

The dynamic development of technology defines the reality that surrounds us. Fast development of industry is one of the effects. Current level of technology also affects our daily lives, for example, intelligent control of appliances and lighting in the home. Taking advantage of the latest technological developments, nowadays, the aim is to optimize entire urban agglomerations by managing road infrastructure and energy. Smart City means not only automation, but also the safety of residents. Dahua Technology, as a global leader in security systems producing, during the presentation will present ready-to-use solutions, which makes our life is easier, more convenient and safer.


He graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics, majoring in foreign trade. Having over 20 years of management experience in the security products and solutions field, he is successfully applying that background as the Sales and Operations Director for the whole of Europe at Dahua Technology. For two years now, he has been successfully leading Dahua’s operations in Poland and since a year ago he has also been the head of the CEE & Nordic sales management team at the company. The scope of his responsibilities cover all issues related to sales and marketing management. He has an excellent knowledge of the Polish and European security markets, with particular emphasis on CCTV systems. He is an expert in introducing new technologies and standards in existing markets. Author of many publications in high quality industry magazines, he gives many interviews and provides expertise on the issues related to the security industry.

Siniša Pintarić

Company:Honeywell (Hrvatska) 

Position: Business Development Manager Fire and PA/VA solutions

Lecture title: Honeywell the power of connected

Our company invents and manufactures technologies that address some of the world’s most critical challenges around energy, safety, security, productivity and global urbanization. We are uniquely positioned to blend physical products with software to support connected systems that improve homes, buildings, factories, utilities, vehicles and aircraft, and that enable a safer, more comfortable and more productive world. Our solutions enhance the quality of life of people around the globe and create new markets and even new industries.


Siniša Pintarić started his experience in 2003 working for leading local companies for integration of technical security systems (Eurokod, Tehnomobil). He joins Honeywell Fire and PA/VA organization in 2013 when he takes the position of technical support and trainer for Esser / Variodyn products Adria region. Year later, he has been promoted to the position of Business Development Manager for the Adria Region, which includes 8 countries in the region. With its experience in Safety, Security, IT & Integration he is supporting regional companies on reference projects in all market verticals.