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Italian companies’ interest for the Summit is booming

The growth of the Italian security industry and the great interest of its manufacturers in the expansion in our region are the reasons why we decided to visit northern Italy this year and talk with the company owners about the opportunities which the Adria Security Summit can offer them. It is with great pleasure that we can report that the Summit has attracted much interest and that representatives of many Italian companies will come to North Macedonia to find new partners and present their innovations. Let us learn more about the companies whose stands you can expect to find in September.

AVS Electronics is a 100% Italian company with more than 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of security systems. It was established in 1974, and its products can be found in thousands of installations today. It deals with the designing, testing and manufacturing of security devices for residential, industrial, business and military sectors. Thanks to the quality of its products, AVS now operates in more than 50 countries.

Global Proof is a dynamic company whose products are characterized by quality, efficiency and easy installation. Its wide range of products makes it easy to find a solution suitable for any kind of installation. The range of products offered by Global Proof includes: IP enclosures for network and thermal cameras, dome enclosures for dome/PTZ cameras, aluminum and stainless steel enclosures, liquid cooled and vandal-resistant enclosures, infrared LED lighters, camera mounts, etc.

Since 1969, the ISEO Group has been successfully manufacturing access control systems characterized by the ease of use, compliance with the strictest regulations and provided support of installers and designers. Strongly oriented towards the global market, the ISEO Group has established its presence at the international level thanks to the strategy focused on the creation of subsidiaries and the purchase of local firms. In 2012, a portion of ISEO was acquired by Dorma, one of the world’s leading access control system manufacturers.

Paso is a company that combines manufacturing based in Italy and an experience gained through long-term fieldwork with the desire and courage to constantly innovate according to the smart factory and industry 4.0 concepts. Paso’s factory is located in Lainate, an industrial zone near the city of Milan which is the economic, industrial and financial center of Italy.

SICURIT Perimeter Protection Systems is a division of SICURIT Alarmitalia Spa which has been involved in the manufacturing and distribution of security systems since 1971. It is one of the proven leaders in the Italian market, and it has exported perimeter protection systems to more than 25 countries since 2000. Administrative and business premises of SICURIT are situated in the industrial zone north of the city of Milan.

Spark Security is a manufacturer of high-quality video surveillance systems that combine Italian creativity and cutting-edge technological experience. It offers a comprehensive system: cameras, control software and related devices. Solutions from Spark Security are suitable for numerous vertical markets, ranging from stadiums and airports to the smart city surveillance.

Videotec has been a manufacturer of video surveillance devices since 1986. Thanks to its team of well-trained and motivated young managers, the company has eventually become one of the most important suppliers in the European security industry. Videotec manufactures advanced and integrated products for security camera management, including the analog and network cameras which are designed for the surveillance in highly demanding outdoor environments.