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1. Can you give us the most important information about the company?

Italian company. Leading manufacturer of fire detection, security, home automation and emergency lighting products. All the product life cycle in-house: from the idea to the designing, from the electronic board mounting and testing to the final product shipping. All the steps are made in our factory. Worldwide presence. Huge number of references in any field of application: from domestic to commercial, from industrial to institutional. Thousands of references, theatre, airports, hospitals, industries, hotels are protected by INIM systems.

2. Guests who are interested in the exhibition program of the Adria Security Summit will have an opportunity to visit your booth. What are the main products/ services that the company will present at the Summit?

The fire detection control panels Previdia MAX e Previdia Compact with the advanced network features, the videoverification and loopmap. Fire Detectors with the remote settings of parameter, visual/audible signalling devices. And the last but not the least, the Fire Cloud improvement.

3. The regional security market has shown continual market growth. How relevant is the Adria Security Summit event to the Adriatic region market?

For an Italian company like INIM the Adriatic region is our own home. Presence in the territories is strategic in order to grow our technological leadership. The Adria Security Summit is a unique opportunity to meet professionals in the field of security in the region.

Baldovino Ruggieri, CEO