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Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia to Strengthen Economic Cooperation


The Council of Ministers of BiH has drafted the Agreement on Economic Cooperation between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Northern Macedonia which is supposed to strengthen their bilateral ties.

By entering this agreement, these two countries want to strengthen their economic ties and create opportunities for better cooperation between businesses and ensure joint entry into other markets. The intensification of economic cooperation would ultimately contribute to the growth of national economies and promote the increase in trade between the two countries.

In order to achieve these goals, various activities have been defined with the aim to, among other things, strengthen the cooperation between governmental and non-governmental institutions, establish contact between businessmen and ensure their participation in international exhibitions and trade fairs, and promote the establishment of joint ventures and closer cooperation on the issues of common interest at the international level.

The draft agreement with the report on negotiations will be submitted to the BiH Presidency, and the BiH Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations is proposed to act as a signatory.

The Council of Ministers of BiH has adopted the Information submitted by the Ministry of Communications and Transport on the participation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Regional Roaming Agreement for the Western Balkan Countries.

It was concluded that BiH will sign this Agreement at the Digital Summit which is to be held in Belgrade in early April. Bosnia and Herzegovina will request the delay of the start of the implementation of the Agreement until 31 December 2019.

In the long term, this agreement will provide for the strengthening of the telecommunications market in BiH, consumer protection, better competitiveness and transparency in the electronic communications, continued improvement and cooperation in connection with the further reduction of the roaming prices in the region based on equality and mutual benefits, increased market competition and reduced costs of roaming for users.

The Council of Ministers of BiH has acknowledged information on the undertaken activities aimed at the protection and restitution of property of citizens and other legal entities from Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Republic of Croatia, which will be submitted by the General Secretariat of the BiH Council of Ministers to the BiH Presidency for further consideration.

In addition to the report of the head of the BiH Negotiating Team in the Standing Joint Commission of the senior representatives of the successor states of the former SFRY, this information includes the reports prepared by the Ministry of Justice and the Office of Attorney General of BiH.