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Foreign investors are flocking to Slovenia, investments increase of 8.5 percent

According to the analytics of The Bank of Slovenia, foreign investments in Slovenia have increased for 347.4 million Euros, in the first half of 2018, which is 8,5 percent more than in the same period of the last year.

The biggest part of the increase was in form of the beneficiary’s equity and reinvested profit, while net debt towards the owners has been reduced.
The latest edition of “Economic Relations of Slovenia with Foreign Countries” states that direct investments in June were recorded to 123.1 million net cash inflow and in the last 12 months 591 million Euros. In June, domestic direct investments in abroad have dropped for 43 million Euros, while in the last 12 months they have increased for 130 million Euros.

It is the result of the increase of the equity for 107 million Euros and retained earnings of 30 million Euros, secondly, it was the reduction of net financing of the foreign subsidiaries for 7 million Euros. In June, gross debt towards foreign countries was 43.5 billion Euros, which is 1 billion Euros less than the last year.
The state decreased its indebtedness the most, banks are following, owning 300 million Euros less, The Central Bank and the other sectors have increased their indebtedness for 800 million Euros.

The state sector has dominated the debt ratio of 50%. Regarding the form of financial instruments, debt securities and loans have prevailed.
In June, net foreign debt reached 8.5 billion Euros, 1.7 billion less compared to the last year. The State sector was the only indebted in June; the remaining sectors were net creditors from abroad. In June, a surplus of 443 million Euros has been recorded on the current account and it was 164 million Euros higher than the last year. Trade and services have recorded a surplus of 514 million Euros, 55% gained from trade in services.

In the first half of the year, a surplus on the current account was 1.76 billion Euros, 346 million more than in the same period last year. The financial account balance in June was positive and it was 16.2 million Euros and in the last 12 months it was two billion Euros. During the past 12 months the greatest net outflow was related to investments in debt securities. Net inflow was mostly in cash and deposits. Net inflow was mostly in cash and deposits.

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