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Don’t Miss Out On Adria Security Summit 2022 – Only Seven Days to Go

Adria Security Summit 2022 will open its doors in just seven days in Zagreb, with record-breaking figures already showing for it.  So far, more than 1200 participants have been registered – a clear indicator that the Summit has resumed its growth following the turbulent events that shook the industry back in 2020.

Speaking of industry, this year we put education and business segments side by side, just as expected. In this business segment, 200+ events have already been scheduled ahead of the official opening ceremony. The reason for it is simple: registering for the event means getting access to unique business opportunities that involve collaboration and the exchange of expertise.

The Summit is not lagging in the conference segment as well, with keynotes featuring global players ranging from Bosch to Konica Minolta and Schneider Electric. This year, they will be sending their A-teams which feature key decision makers and top executives.

Keynote presentations:

This segment will be greatly helped by the case studies in which the top-class managers and industry veterans will present their unique ways of dealing with various challenges they face while implementing their projects, such as those at the Belgrade International Airport, high-end tourist resorts and smart cities.

Case study presentations:

Side events at Adria Security Summit never get to play second fiddle and, in fact, are the backbone of our claim to becoming part of the family of the largest regional and European trade shows. This year, Adria Security Summit will bring together both the major industry players and emerging companies whose presentations will give invaluable insights into the state of the fast-changing industries, including security, smart solutions, smart and safe cities, home automation, mobility, cyber and network security, ICT, IoT & automation.

Workshops and side event presentations:

Register today to secure your place at an event that gathers only the professionals that matter and discover wholly new ways to give wings to your business and global relevance.

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