City Tour Skopje


All visitors who reserved a place for Skopje City Tour should confirm reservation on booth #79 (Exhibition Hall 2).

Skopje City Tour – Sep. 20th 2019.

The Best of Skopje in 1 day

Macedonia is one of Europe’s last great undiscovered countries: a paradise of mountains, lakes and rivers, natural wonders, endemic flora and fauna, a chest filled with unique cultural treasures, legends and stories from thousands of years ago.

Skopje – The city of many cultures

Existing for 2,500 years, Skopje is the city of many cultures and civilizations, from ancient to Byzantine, from Ottoman to modern. Skopje is the only place where one can find sleek modern hotels above cobblestone Ottoman streets, red-bricked Byzantine churches beside rounded Turkish mosques, stately neoclassical homes right around the corner from grand old Yugoslav-era buildings.

09:15 Panoramic bus tour

Welcome to Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia. A city with a 2000 years old tradition and culture, yet a modern city that presents Macedonia’s major political, economic, educational and cultural centre. Attractive tourist destination with good food and hospitable hosts, abundance of cultural and historical monuments and beautiful surrounding.

10:00 Walking tour of the old bazaar

With its medieval and Ottoman architecture and numerous little craftsman shops, it remains one of the biggest and the most colourful centres of its kind. This area is rich with sacral and profane buildings that rich Turkish feudalists left as a bequest.

  • Kale Fortress, Mustapha pasha Mosque, Sv. Spas Church
  • Skopje Bezisten, old artisan shops Suli Han, Kapan Han

11:00 Archaeological Museum of Macedonia

The Museum of Archaeology is situated on the eastern bank of the Vardar, across the river from Macedonia Square and houses the most valuable and representative artefacts from all Macedonian archaeological sites.

12:00 Walking tour of the new part – Macedonia street and Square

The main promenade of the city that connects the new and the historical part of the city, the main square of Skopje is the biggest in Macedonia and the place where independence from Yugoslavia was declared. Today after the reconstruction of some of the old buildings destroyed in the 1963 earthquake and the newly erected avenue of the national heroes tells the story of the city and the history of the country.

  • The Stone Bridge
  • Statue of Alexander the Great of Macedonia
  • Mother Theresa – memorial house 

13:00 Free time for luch at restaurant La Terazza 

LaTerazza restaurant is located at the main city square in Skopje, with a nice view of the biggest statue of Aleksandar the Great and its beautiful fountain. This restaurant offers some of the best traditional foods.