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Call for papers announced ahead of Adria Security Summit 2023

Adria Security Summit 2023 invites all interested organizations and individuals to submit papers on their completed projects as part of the event’s case study presentation segment. This year, the event will feature 12 case studies that will allow the companies and organizations to present their products, services, and success stories at a major industry event in SE Europe and beyond.

In line with this, the topics of the submissions should revolve around the issues relevant to the industries the Summit covers – ICT, IoT, security technology, cyber security, smart solutions, and others.

The marketing campaign and the contest involving the participants will run from July 1, 2023 and they will include:

  • Publication of the summary of the project on the Adria Security Summit website with visitors being able to vote for the best presentation,
  • Publication of the summarized presentations and the most important information about the project in the promotional materials for the conference,
  • Announcement of the winner in the publications of the media sponsors, partners’ websites, a&s Adria magazine and through other promotional channels which the organizer will use before and after the Summit,
  • Promotion which each company participating in the competition will organize through their own marketing channels (web, TV presentation during the conference, catalogs, etc.).
  • Selected presentations will also be recorded and promoted on social networks and other marketing channels after the event.

To submit your papers and find more information on terms of participation, contact us at,  or by phone at +387 33 788 985.